Sunday, 3 January 2010

First Haul.. Lush! + Valentines Products.

 I FINALLY got a chance to go shopping on Tuesday last week and planned to hit Lush first. I got into Leeds around 10am-ish maybe a bit later and Lush was dead along with the rest of town so I was quiet pleased about this as I can't stand shopping when its crazy.

As soon as I got inside (me and my friend were the only customers) I spent about ten mins talking to the SA and they didn’t really follow me around or anything as they could tell I knew what I was after. There were hardly any bath ballistics left so I only got about 5 of them. Here’s what I got:

Excuse the rubbish picture my SLR decided to die on me when I needed it.

So I got:
2 So white bath balistics- Used these before and I lovee them
2 Butterballs
A Satsumo Santa
The biggest Bottle of snow fairy I could find. I think I'm the only person who hasn't tried this shower gel yet..
Then I got a Free Stardust Gift
Tea Tree Water- Tried this once and like it so far, no strong scent of tea tree which I really expected.
I love juicy Shampoo I loved the smell of this, tried it out yesterday
American Cream Conditioner- Heard alot about this one and seemed like the best selling conditioner
1 Star Melt- What was I thinking? I only got one?! I love this star melt it's delicious. The smell is my fave.
Rock Star Soap- The smell is almost as good as the star melt and again I've heard alot about this soap.
Free The art of bathing Hat box
A free broken bit of Manage too massage bar.

Also in the pic is the unwrapped sweet and dreamy gift I got for christmas which I was meaning to blog about in this I got
Honey I washed the kids- which for some crazy reason didn't smell like it usually does :(
The comforter bubble bar- love this, see previous blog review.

Dream Cream
A ring of roses Buttercream
Dream Time bath melt
Waving not drowning bath ballistic
Vanilla Fountain Bath ballistic- Have 3 of these now, really need to try it out

Therapy Massage Bar

I kinda got carried away in lush but oh how I love it and they had the spend £20 get a free gift offer going on so I ended up getting over £60 pounds worth of free gifts and thanks to the informative sales assistant I managed to get a hatbox, they weren't out when I actually got there but bless her she told me to hang on.
I also got a sample of BIG, not sure if it will work for me due to my thick hair so it's going to take a lot to really massage it into my scalp the SA has thick hair too said she tried it and didn't think it was the best for our hair type. Not sure if the sample is enough for me to really test it out and have an opinion on it.

Don't think i'll be going to lush for a while now, only when the Valentines products come out I want to get my hands on Turkish Delight- 20,000 petals in every pot!

There's also the Magic Mushroom Bubble bar (scents of Vanillary and Yummy Yummy) The ex factor bath ballistic (Buterball Scent) and Love soap (Smells of Sex Bomb Ballistic) that I want to try out.

I'll be doing reviews on products as I use them, next one will be on I love Juicy and American Cream.
So has anyone tried any of the product's in this haul? what do you think of them?


  1. wow you got loads! can't wait for the reviews :D,X

  2. yay! what a great haul, I can't wait for vday stuff to come out, but my lush didn't have the catalog in yet :(

  3. @ holly, yep got carried away! eep.
    @Obsessed.Makup.Addict Thank you.. me's so exciting. I got mine through the post, sign up on the site!

  4. wow! Thats ALOT!
    I've not been into Lush since I was in year 7 or 8 ... I really need to get my lazy self down there. Looks fab what you got though! =).


  5. @ Linda- You SO need to get yourself to lush!

  6. I love tea tree water. It tones well without drying out your skin. You should try the Grease Lightning as well, works wonders on blemishes. I have reviews of Dark Angels Cleanser and Brazened Honey Fresh Face mask coming on my blog this week. Stay tuned! :)

  7. I really want to try the Lush Valentines Collection. They look so god damn GOOD! I finally went to Lush =D. Can't wait for your reviews hun. XXXXXXXX


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