Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Alice In wonderland OPI + Urban decay Collabaration

Oh how I'm a fan of the classic Alice In Wonderland Movie, I absolutely can't wait for the 3D directed by Tim Burton and released by Disney version to be out, I'm really looking forward to it, I know it's going to be incredible.
In tribute to this movie there's been a lot of designers and brands producing Alice themed amazingness.
For instance OPI's limited edition range..

So we have (from left to right)
  • Thanks so muchness- A berry red, with subtle micro glitter.
  • Mad as a hatter- Clear base Multi-glitter (defo suit's the name) this one screams parties although I'd wear it anyway!
  • Absolutley Alice (NEED- I'd say this is a fave) this one, it's blue based and packed with gold and blue micro glitter.
  • Off with her red- Classic bright red.
I love the names, I think I'll be getting all four for sure, they have already been released..I'm browsing online for them right now...anyone know of UK site's that stock OPI?

....Next Urban Decay Alice In wonderland Palette kit.
I've known about this product for a while now but because I didn't know if the release date I had was right thus I haven't mentioned this until now as I really need to express how incredible this is. 

This palette has 16 of the best selling superbly pigmented eyeshadows with name's like 'white rabbit', 'Alice' and 'Curiouser'. A mini version of the legendary primer potion and two 24/7 eyeliner pencils. This amazing creation is out in the US on the 15th!!!! for $57. Unfortunately I don't have a clue when it's out in the UK yet =/ but it's VERY limited product and apparently only 2000 are going to be sold in the UK.  You can look at swatches and more info here.

Can't wait to get my hand's on both OPI and UD products, and their making me even more excited for the movie (child at heart haha). Is anyone else looking forward to these products or even the movie itself?


  1. I think the 2000 palettes for the UK was just a rumour but they're going to sell out so quickly! I'm super excited about the products though. Alice in wonderland is one of the things that is able to send me crazy with excitement. Oh childhood hehe. xo

  2. I'm so excited about this coming out! Although when I was younger the original scared me haha. Those OPI polishes are fab! Mad as a Hatter is my favourite the insane sparkles are amazing.
    Not in the UK but sells OPI cheaper than in the UK and they have those polishes. I haven't had the chance to use it personally so I don't know about shipping fees and what not but beauty blogger/youtuber Lollipop26 raves about it here: :)

  3. I've given you a blog award! XX

  4. i love the alice in wonderland theme so much! these products look amazing :)


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