Monday, 25 January 2010

Lush Batho Bubble Bar, Shower Jelly Review

Yes there seems to be a Lush craze going on across bloggers at the moment, but will that stop me from writing reviews? No! 
So first of all I used Batho Bubble bar the other day which looks like this:

Cost: £2.50
Smell: Amazing.
So I had a hot bath running and (accidentally) crumbled half of a batho into it, it's SO much easier to crumble than the comforter.
I then went downstairs whilst I was waiting for my hot lush bath. My bathroom is pretty much at the top of the stairs and I was about to go back up and was at the bottom of the staircase where the smell of batho hit me and lured me back up to the bathroom. My mum was even saying that when I was draining the bath she went outside to throw rubbish in the bins and she could smell the bath water and loved the scent.
I absolutely love this bubble bar, it's right up there with the comforter bar. Initially I couldn't really put my finger on the smell but according to lush it's Violets and ylang ylang, there's also some Jasmine thrown in there. Violet leaf essential oils are stated to be very relaxing and help you forget your worries.
This bubble bar gave the water a slight tinge of dark purple, the bubbles lasted for a while, I mean I was going pruney at the fingers and toes and there was still some bubbles left, not as much as comforter though.

Would I buy it again? Yes.

Okay this is super late I know, but I guess it can prepare you for Christmas 2010! (If they decide to make it again)
Snow Showers Shower Jelly.
I wasn't too keen on shower jellys after my last experience of it constantly slipping out my fingers and falling. (which I know a lot of people have experienced.) But not this time! I used it with exfoliating gloves and it worked so much better, it lathered up well too. If you have had a rubbish experience with jellies I can't stress enough how much you should try them with some exfoliating gloves (or maybe a sponge), I basically ripped a small chunk of the jelly as you really don't need much and then squashed it between my fingers, because of the texture of exfoliating gloves it sticks to them and there you have it! No slipping away.
The smell is sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. It's citrusy and very unique, I really liked the smell.
You can use shower jellies as they are or you can refrigerate or freeze them and either way it will definatley give you an invigorating shower.
I will be buying this shower jelly again if it's out for christmas this year and I'll also be giving other jellies a chance now I have mastered how to use Jellies without dropping it every 2 seconds.
Freezing or refrigerating it sounds interesting and I think I'll next try it out of the fridge and see how that go's.

Has anyone else tried Lush's shower jellies?


  1. I've never tried anything from Lush due to the fact that walking past the shop is enough to knock me out, haha. Although I must admit that the recent blogger craze has me curious to try thing, especially the comforter bar. One of my concerns though is that most things seems to be powdery or soap, do you find the products drying at all? Because my skin is so dry I don't fancy making it worse

  2. You really really need to try it out! Yeah the smell of it all together is overwhelming to some people but for instance my friend thought the exact same but recently after me alllll ways going on about Lush products he tried something out and loves it now.
    From my experiences the product's I've tried so far have been moisturising and have never dried me out.

    They have a varied range of products to suit different skins like I have moisturiser for combination/sensitive skin and then there's some for dry skin, oily and older skin. This is pretty much the same with their fresh face masks. As for bath ballistics I think most of them will mosturise rather than strip it away. Then with soaps there's SO many different kinds
    Even if you do doubt a product the staff are fantastic (they seriously will drag you around the shop showing you different things) just tell them you have dry skin and they will show all the products suitable for you.
    I think because of the essential oils they use a lot of their products are more moisturising.

    Ahhh okay I'll shut up now, I should totally work for lush haha

  3. I've never tried that bubble bar, but it looks so nice! I absolutely love sweetie pie shower jelly. It's smells so nice! and I know what you mean by it slipping out of your hands, so I'll definitely use an exfoliating glove next time :) Lovely post. xxxx

  4. Haha you should! Thank you for the information though, I'm usually a Body Shop fan but you've convinced me to try my luck at Lush! :D

  5. They really don't look like they smell amazing...

  6. Joanna: Thanks! I think bubble bars are my fave lush products at the minute! You'll have to try one. Yeah there so slippery but exfoliating gloves are a savior.

    Stephanie: No problem! I wouldn't mind actually working for day maybe. Ahhhh I'm glad :D you will love it. Look forward to seeing what you get!

  7. Great, now i think i need to go to lush again ;-)


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