Saturday, 2 January 2010

Forgotten Nail Polish

So I decided to explore my bag of nail polishes, it's been a while since I've done this as I've had my fave colours out on my desk. There was a lot of colours I never really liked or thought of using back in the days which I quiet like now for instance this:

Without flash

With Flash

Nail Polish is by Alessandro £9.00
I bought it from a now closed department store years and years ago, surprised it's not all gloopy yet.
I believe there may be a Barry M dupe or colour similar to Alessandro as I know this brand may be hard to find.
Loveeee the colour, its so bright and kinda reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream...I received many compliments at work too. I guess it's not a colour you see everyday so it defo stands out.
I only needed one coat of this polish and it's fantastic, no streaking, the first picture shows the truest colour but to me I still feel in person its slightly more brighter.

 Upcoming haul: Lush!


  1. that nail varnish looks just like barrym mint green (:, can't wait until the lush haul!X


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