Friday, 14 January 2011

Blast Off Belly Fat!

I have decided to get back into exercising and becoming fit again, I have a gym membership at Esporta and have hardly been going which is appalling to say I'm paying quiet a bit each month! 
 The summer before last I was a total gym freak, no messing was my second home and I was there almost 5 days a week every week.Once I got into the routine there was no stopping me.
I also had the most amazing personal trainer.
And surprisingly I lost quiet a lot of weight.
Now my personal trainer was magic, I've been to the gym in the past and it didn't make much of a difference.. atleast in my problem areas (jellybelly, arm-flab) buttttt my trainer made me work my core and made me do some really tough target toning exercises.Tthe first day I had with her I was dying and the next day I ached like crazy and this continued for weeks as she made it harder. It was expensive but I definitely saw results and I feel like I'm so much fitter since then even if it has been two years.

Unfortunatley after all that hard work I did Camp America and ate tons... I couldn't help myself, I was in a whole new world of food.
Then in 2010 I spent summer away again and never really had a gym membership and I'm not the biggest fan of jogging at all (I did attempt it though!)

I'm not a big user of work out DVD's but the 10 minute solution- Blast Off Belly fat caught my eye on Amazon and it was only £4.19 with tons of good reviews so I thought why not? 
 At the gym I do more cardio and by the time I get to toning I'm tired, either that or I get bored of the two stomach toning exercises I know. So I thought this will be perfect to do at home or I could even do some of the exercises at the gym.
It's funny as I'm typing this my brother walks in, saw the DVD and said 'Do you really think that's going to work?'
I think yes.
There is five different 10 minute programmes including a pilates oriented one.
I only got it today so I can't really review it but after watching some of the exercises I have a gut feeling it will , some of them I have allready done before with my personal trainer too and I could defo feel the burn.
Has anyone used this dvd before? What are your fave exercises?


  1. I am a big fan of exercise DVD's - haven't tried that one though. I have a gym membership but never go so am going to cancel it this month! Good luck with your exercising, let us know how you get on :) x

  2. @ Nic- Any recommendations? You see I can't cancel mine it's a years contract so I either go or just pay them for nothing! awhhh thank you! ^_^ defo will. xox

  3. Funnily enough me and my mum were having a look at that dvd on amazon two days ago.

    I have a couple of the other ones in the series but me being so lazy I've never stuck to them.

    Would love to hear a review of what you thought of the dvd.


  4. Ahh! I'm going to try it out soon and when I've done all the different programmes I'll defo review it. That's the hardest part sticking to it, fingers crossed I will!
    Heard the 30 day crunch is good too.


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