Wednesday, 26 January 2011

See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil.

 Agate Stone Necklace- Dorothy Perkins Sale- £5.00
Turquoise stone ring- Dorothy Perkins £7.50
Cream Stone ring Dorothy Perkins £8.50
Robot Necklace- Asos - £8.00
Monkey ring- Asos £10.00
Horn Earrings- Asos £8.00

I have so many new items of jewellery I think I got carried away. I'll have to do another post. Now, I have never been a ring person until recently, I feel a ring addiction coming on.
Dorothy Perkins isn't usually a place I go shopping in much, but my mum got me a necklace which resulted in me going on their website and doing some shopping. They do have some lovely things and currently there's 20% off for students. I love those horn earrings, I've been tempted to get my ears streched (just a little bit) in the past but never did it (wasn't a fan of the thought of saggy ears haha) I'm not sure if the earrings suit me though I'd prefer black or silver and of course they decide to stock silver ones once I've already got those. The robot necklace I bought for £10 and now it's £8.00 how annoying? The monkey ring, I adore. I prefer silver to gold but I just had to have that's too cute.  I also got something for a future giveaway which I can't wait to do. What jewellery are you liking right now?


  1. I love your jewelery additions!

  2. I actually love DP for jewellery they have some really pretty things. Haven't been in a while though, may need to go for a visit soon lol ;)

  3. Great post! I love the rings! Especially the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil one! Also I bought a ring almost identical to the cream one from Topshop yesterday! For two pounds more :( I wish I went to Dorothy Perkins now!

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog :) xxx

  4. the robot is sooooo cute, love it :)

  5. i love aaall of this jewellery! i need to get hold of some serious money for a splurge! i just saw that seeno/hearno.. ring on the asos website and thought it was my best find of the day! looks cute :D

  6. ohh these are so pretty. I'm not a ring person either but recently been adding some every other month.

  7. i've just started following your blog, i love the way you write. you have such good quality photos, too! now i'm covetting that monkey ring though... oops! ♥ elle
    elle & the fashion folk

  8. I really like that robot necklace, it's soooo nice!!! Asos here I come hahaha x

  9. great picks ,, love the big rings

  10. that robot is tooo cute...tagged you in a blog award on my blog...cos urs is amoozing...xx

  11. @ Nic- Yeah gosh I'm a new fan of their jewellery now, they have some really pretty things. I want more! haha.

    @Aneka Thank you!
    Ohhh as if it was 2 pound more! My mum got me a pinky version of it from topshop the other day too! Thought it would have been the same price though tsk.

    @Emily - Adorable isn't it!? love me some robots :D

    @Lulu- Thank you ^_^ it's sooo cute, I need to wear it out already.

    @Hells notes- I think I am now a ring person haha but I don't think I'd be wearing loooads at the same time, can't stand the feel of the rings touching =s is that odd?

    @Elle- Awhhh thank you so much! ^_^ haha it's tooo cute to miss!

    @Kasia- Thank you sweet lady!

    @Chyenne Davide- Haha I think I've sent quiet a few people to asos now! Hope you get some lovely things :D

    @Princess Feef- Thank you dear!

    @ Nilufar- Love it! Awhhhhh thank you soooooo much!!! >>>^_^ me.

    Thank you for all your comments lovelies.xxxxxxxxxx

  12. Mmmmmm, loving that turqouise and silver ring and the robot necklace is too adorably awesome. I'm a really picky ring person too, but recently I've found so many that I love.

    Thanks for leaving a lovely comment and following me, I'm following you right back :)

  13. Oh wait you're right the ring was 8.50 it was my earrings that were a tenner haha. My mistake there x

  14. eeeeeeeek! I have that cream-antique looking topshop ring too! <3

  15. Omg I love the rings !!! I am a ring addict :)


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