Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Lush Art of Bathing... Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic Review.

I got the Art Of Bathing Hat Box from Lush a while ago but it has been safely tucked into my wardrobe for months until today. I decided to have a nice relaxing Lush filled bath.
(Picture from lush)
This set is sold at £39.95 and includes a mixture of 12 bath ballistics and Bubble bars. 6 bath ballistics and 6 bubble bars to be precise and these are:
Bath Ballistics:
-Vanilla Fountain
-Sex bomb
-Big Blue

Bubble Bars:
-Hot Milk?
-The Comforter
-Ma Bar

I've tried a mixture of half of the products in the box now some I love more than others such as the legendary Comforter which I blogged about here and bathos.
Anyway back to my bath, I crumbled some comforter into it which left a lovely light pink tint in the water and then towards the end of my relaxing bath I realised I forgot to pop in my Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic.
I also forgot to snap a picture so here's one from Lush:
This Ballistic has ylang ylang, jasmine and clary sage which is supposed to relax you and make you 'feel like a lover'. Jasmine is the key smell it has also been used as an aphrodisiac and hair and beauty tonic and perfume in India.

What did I think? 
It's AMAZING. This has to be out of all the bath ballistics I've used my absolute favourite! In the past I've used some that to me were pointless they fizzed, maybe let out some colour and that was it. Boring. Infact I was put off bath ballistics and started to not buy them. But this baby not only fizzed away for a good fair amount of time (considering it's quiet big as well) it let out a gorgeous pink colour and with the pink of the comforter my bath water was VERY pink!

 It doesn't end there either, the smell was phenomenal. Quiet strong and I'm quiet rubbish at describing scent's but it was a perfume-y one, maybe that was the Jasmine in it. There was also a cute little rice paper rose that floated around in the bath. It felt slimy but looked cute nonetheless. 
 I would definitely recommend it, it costs £2.99 and in my opinion it's fantastic if you want to treat yourself. You can read more reviews on this here.
What is your favourite bath ballistic?


  1. That looks so pretty! Love the packaging.. Some of the Lush smells give me a headache.. Weird right? But the ones that don't smell gorgeous! Great post :) xx

  2. wow ,, look at that tub ! i wanna dive in it =/
    i love lush ,, <3


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