Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ring a ring a rosy

For Christmas I got tons of jewellery, mainly from my mum and some from my boyfriend.
I really need to work out some kind of storage system for everything, at the moment there just in random little make up bags and such.
These are just some of the little beauties I got:

I have never really been a ring person until the past couple of months, I love anything strange and peculiar and I definitely have a thing for skulls. 
My favourite rings is the Betsey Johnson pink bow skull and it also has to be the unicorn one..I love unicorns thus I absolutely adore that one. 

Unfortunatley though it's too big for me, you have no idea how sad that makes me. It's a size medium (which can sometimes fit me but I think the design makes it bigger) from Miss Selfridge and pretty much sold out everywhere I think... well at least online and the one store I managed to check. 
My mum even tried to get it resized for me bless her but they said it would ruin it. I will figure out a way of making that ring fit if it's the last thing I do!



  1. i was never a ring person either, but there's so many cute oversized rings now i wear them all the time :) i have the topshop owl ring aswell :) all these are so cute! i hope you manage to make the ring fit! i have a ring which is a little too big so i've just stuck some blue tack inside it :) xo

  2. omg i love it all so much!xx

  3. pretty rings ! I really like the owl ring :D

  4. Those rings are gorgeous! I love the skull one :) I have a few rings that are too big and I wish I could make them smaller! x

  5. Beautiful :))))))


  6. beautiful rings! i especially love the unicorn :)


    The Flower Girl


  7. I love the rings!! xx

  8. @Jennie might try that! or I was thinking maybe wind some thread around it? hmm.

    Thank you all for your comments ^_^

  9. BOO! Just letting you know I gave you an award on my blog xx

  10. I LOVE the multicolour skull ring in the first pic. Amazing!! Great presents :)

    PS// Topshop Nail Polish Giveaway over at mine :)


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