Monday, 31 January 2011


- I lazed for alot of it, I still find it really weird being at home on a weekend. I have worked pretty much every weekend for the past 4 years (with the exception of holidays of course). So its really nice having those two days back to just do what I want.
- Decided to go to the gym a couple of hours before I was going out for dinner but crazily it motivated me to work harder soon as I had a time limit.
-Went to Aagrah with loads of lovely friends from exwork, it was so nice seeing them all. I missed them, seeing them every weekend and then hardly at all sucks. Ate tons of food (buffet- oh dear) Took tons of pictures and realised how much I suck at posing with other people.
-Just watched P.S I love You. Such an amazing movie, I'm a big soppy sod, cry way to easily at movies. Gerard Butler is yummy.
- And it's not even Sunday any more now, I procrastinate way too much.

Top- Miss Selfridge
Skirt -H&M
Tights- Primark
Necklaces- Gifts.
How was your weekend? <3


  1. Looking pretty! I'm following you now! I love the colour of your top it looks great on you :) x x x

    ps: as if you've worked every weekend for four years! You poor thing!

  2. Awh thank you!! yeahhh it really sucked, miss not having the money now though!

  3. your makeup really makes your eyes pop! what eyeliner do you use?

  4. Sometimes lazy weekends are the absolute best!

  5. i love the detail on that necklace honey x

  6. I really like your shirt! The color and material is awesome for a basic :)


  7. Loving the whole corally/pinky toned colours that are flying about at the moment. You look lovely. xx

  8. i love the coral <3 u look great

  9. @**OnYxStA** Thank you! I used Illamasqua, I absolutely love it!

    @Coury Combs- Definitely agree with you on that!

    @Elle Thank you =)

    @modern viking vixen- Thank you, It's been a long time since I've bought basics but I just adored the colour.

    @DesignerSpray- Ditto, never really been into corals but something changed...nice splash of colour! Thank you ^_^

    @Princess Feef- Thank you sweets!

    @YuliaShhabel- awww thanks!

  10. I have this top, I have been living in it, I love the necklace so cute. Yeah I never know how to look in photos haha


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