Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

The beautiful Sriya from Lipgloss and Leopard Print gave me this fabulous award! Thank you. ^_^

So here's the low down:
1) Thank and name the person who gave you the award.
2) Share seven things about yourself.
3) Pass the award on to 7 blogs you like.

7 things about me:
1- I absolutely love to travel, although I haven't been to loads and loads of places I love it, I want to see the world. I want to experience new things, new cultures and explore. I spent one summer travelling around some of the US on my own and then with others for the first time...(Camp America!) and I can't even describe how much I enjoyed it. 
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2-  I'm a big food lover, I'm honestly such a fatty. I enjoy eating...everything.... especially cake and chocolate. Bad I know buttt I am to hit the gym soon! My favourite food has to be Mexican.
 Photo creds: me! I took this yummy pic.

3- I aim to live in America in the future, I really don't like the cold. Now and again I can cope with it but constant coldness? No thanks!
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  4- I enjoy singing along to music, especially in cars. I will sing my heart out if a song I love is on and I'm in the right mood. Although I'm a terrible singer, that does not stop me haha, I do feel sorry for my 'listeners' though.

5- I prefer going bowling, to the cinema or for a meal rather than a night out to bars and clubs. I have never really been in to all that, but I will go out to those places now and again if it means seeing people I haven't in a long time. I used to go to gigs/music shows alllll the time but seem to have calmed down on that now. Still enjoy watching my fave musicians live.

6- I love animals, this summer I was supposed to find a job in the US but failed so instead I volunteered at the humane society and a little random farm where I helped out at farm camp.
 Beautiful peacock that roamed around the farm.
 This was taken at the London Zoo, he posed for me.

7- I'm quiet the computer/technology/gaming geek, this is mainly thanks to my older brother. I don't mind playing on the Xbox or Playstation with my boy, I won't complain...I'll join in. (Although I wouldn't be on there for hours and hours shooting things.)
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That's my 7!

I tag:
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I'm not really expecting anyone I tagged to blog about it but these seven definitely deserve the award for their stylishness!



  1. Haha you're so sweet :) I love food too.. Mexican is yummy but I think Thai is my favourite :D I love your sunglasses in the pic of you and your bf I gather? :) Love your 7 things xx

  2. Ahhh I haven't tried much Thai! I'd really like to though, one of my friend absolutely loves it too. Awwww thank you! Yeah it is, we swapped sunglasses haha.

  3. Ah, thanks so much for the tag!! Love this post :D

    Food & travel are amazing as you get to do both pretty much at the same time hehe :)

    Kaushal xx

  4. I'm SO jealous you did camp america...please tell me about it? I feel this may be a long comment exchange :) I want to do it next summer as there are links with my university! But dont think i'll be ready for it after my first year of university as you have to apply so early! <3

  5. Awww it sounds so amazing! I wish i could go this year, but im a real home lover so even adapting to go to uni was hard so i think that committing myself to going to USA in the summer was a bit too much considering you have to apply so early!
    Where abouts did you get placed then?? :)

    I'm doing business management at University of East Anglia Norwich. What about you?? <3

  6. aww thanks girl for the award!! you're too sweet :). and i seriously have to agree with being a food lover, first channel i watch on my TV -- FOOD NETWORK! lol. also wanted to say thanks girl for being so supportive of my blog since a while back, it means a lot :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  7. I like lists like this, you get to find out a lot more about a person! I would love to live in America one day too :)

  8. @ Nic - Thank you! I enjoyed doing this post. Where abouts? I love Cali, it's gorgeous! x


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